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Here are some articles and samples of really great print design. Check them out for information, ideas, and inspiration.


Thinking with Type (full text online!)
Resume samples

Nicole Seligman

Stephanie Grogan

Book/Magazine Samples


Freckled Magazine: Issuu


Square Magazine: Issue


Off the Rocker (Graphic Design Portfolio): Issuu


Who am I (Graphic Design Portfolio): Issuu


Kelby Hawn (Graphic Design Portfolio: Issuu


Minnie Miller (Graphic Design Portfolio): Issuu


 The Rabbit Hole (Graphic Design Portfolio: Issuu




*Tutorial* Creating Visual Hierarchy with Type



10 Document Design Terms


Typography Terms (infographic)


"The Brand Called You"


"Brand Identity System" (Infographic)


Sample Branding Package: Salted Ink


Sample Branding Package: Aeolidia


Sample Branding Package: Katie Pegher


"What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand"


"30 Unconventional Business Cards"


"How Colors Influence People: The Psychology of Color in Business Marketing"


"Brand Identity Package"


"What Makes a Good Logo Design?"


"How to Mix Fonts"


"100 Brilliant Print Adverts"


"10 Minimal Business Card Designs"


"25 Logo Designs"


"20 Impressive Restaurant Menu Designs"


"18 Inspiring Menu Designs"


"Bad Local Ads"


"The Best (and Worst) Logo Redesigns"


"What are the Best and Worst Company Logos?"


"56 Fresh and Intelligent Print Advertisements"


"Resume Designs" 




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