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How to submit your assignments

You have four major assignments for this course: one for each genre: poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction and a final portfolio with samples from each of the genres. Please follow these instructions on exactly how to submit your final assignments for each of the course units.


  • All assignments must be submitted in a double pocket folder* (no brads).

  • Do not write your name on the outside of the folder. I will label it when you turn it in.

  • Place your Letter of Transmittal (LoT) in the left pocket, facing up.

  • Place your most recent revision of your assignment in the right pocket, facing up.

  • Behind the assignment, place earlier revisions in reverse-chronological order (most recent to least recent)

  • Behind the earlier revisions, place peer editing sheets.

*If you are broke and need a folder, you may take one from the box outside my office.


Letters of Transmittal


Letters (or emails) of transmittal are common in all types of business. They are a convention for the purposes of courtesy and introducing documents. In this class, their purpose is to reflect on your writing process. You will write them for all of your major assignments. We will discuss the contents in detail in class, but the following is a basic outline. 


  • Use a formal business-letter format using the "block format." Here are instructions. We will go over them in class.

  • Address the letter to me at SEU: Beth Eakman Re, St. Edward's University, Campus Mailbox #998, South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78704.

  • The salutation is Dear Beth.

  • Begin by stating your purpose: "I am pleased to present my X assignment."

  • Body: Discuss your process and rhetorical/artistic choices. Why did you make the choices you did considering audience and purpose? Look at your class notes on the components of style and poetry. Consider sound qualitites. How did each piece evolve over time? Discuss your peer editing experience. What was helpful? What did you discover.

  • Close with something like "I look forward to hearing your feedback."


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