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Writing prompts

Need some ideas to get started writing? Here are some prompts.

I love the variety and creativity of this long list of ideas to get you started. Click here.
  • Introduce yourself

  • Your first love

  • Your parents

  • Something you are really good at

  • Your definition of love

  • Your day

  • Your best friend

  • A moment

  • Your belief

  • What you wore today

  • Your siblings

  • What’s in your bag

  • This week

  • Something you are really bad at

  • Your dreams

  • Your first kiss

  • Your favorite memory

  • Your favorite birthday

  • Something you regret

  • This month

  • Another moment

  • Something that frustrates you

  • Something that makes you feel better

  • Something that makes you cry

  • A first

  • Your fear

  • Your favorite place

  • Something that you miss

  • Your aspirations

  • A moment

Start with this line
  • "I've never told anyone about this, but I am going to tell you now."

  • "I want to remember this."

  • "It was less than a second, maybe a second. But it changed everything."

  • "Sarah looked at the clock."



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