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Progress Report


Your progress report is basically an update on your Plan of Work letter. This one is written as a formal report rather than a letter. The Macro instructions follow.

  1. Cover sheet: This should have a title centered at the top of the page that will say Progress Report: Grant Proposal on Behalf of (name of organization).  Skip two lines down and center Prepared by (your name). Skip two more lines and center Submitted to Beth Eakman. Skip two more lines and center the date.

  2. First interior page: Center your title again just like you did on the cover sheet. Your first heading will be Introduction and will just remind me of the purpose and context of this document. It should say something like "This report will provide an update on the progress of my grant proposal for X (organization)." Give a couple of lines to the basic overview--problem, solution, cost, funder, etc, and conclude with a brief statement of whether you are on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule.

  3. (Body) The next heading will be Work Completed and will briefly explain what you've finished. Then Work in Progress and finally Work Remaining. You can bullet out specific tasks, create an infographic, or just use paragraphs as you consider more readable and relevant to the content.

  4. The final heading will be Discussion. This is where you explain why the project is on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule and what you plan to do about any constraints, setbacks, or huge chunks of extra time you now find on your hands as a result of your having been so speedy and efficient.

Here are some examples that include visual representations of progress over time.


Piktochart (the magical chart generator!)


United Nations Millenium Development Goals


Gantt Chart


Pie Chart


Pie Charts and Bar Charts


Bar Charts (comparison)





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