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Portfolio checklist


Congratulations! You are almost finished with Career Prep! Here's a last-minute checklist for your electronic portfolio.

Your portfolio should have SEVEN categories represented by buttons on your menu bar. Make sure that you have the following items:

  • Autobiography (accompanied by a reflection and earlier drafts, which, in this case, are your Outro and Ideal Day assignments)

  • Employment materials: this includes both your resume and cover letter, a reflection for both (together, not each), and earlier drafts. You may also want to include a copy of the job description, but that is optional.

  • Grad school application: Here, you need a reflection, the application essay itself, and earlier revisions.

  • Academic writing sample: Same as above--reflection, paper, earlier revisions.

  • Non-academic writing sample: Ditto. If you have more than one item (poems, articles, etc), you can write a single reflection for all of them.

  • Editing: You need a single reflection explaining why you chose the three-ish samples that you did, and the samples themselves.

  • Other coursework: No reflection, no earlier revisions, just a pulldown menu that labels each by the ENGW course in which you wrote it.

We will work on these in class every day this week, with the goal of having them all submitted electronically by the end of class on Friday. As soon as you have finished, ask me to clear you to submit. I will look over each student's portfolio and, if it's complete and working, will clear you and give you the how-to details.