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Social Media Assignment (Brand, Voice, and Copy)

WRIT's social media brand manager Mallory Hicks visited the noon section to talk about our vision for rolling out the new brand along with the updated curriculum this semester. Here are some of the ideas that she discussed with hthe class and some of the content ideas that the class brainstormed. 


For this phase of the rebranding, we will only be using the big 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once these are established, we will be looking to incorporate additional platforms such as SnapChat, a YouTube channel, Pinterest, and others. For now, here's how we're looking at the big 3. 


This will be our "parent" account and the voice will reflect that. It is mainly used as a central hub for tracking contact information for current students, alumni, faculty, and others interested in the discipline. It will be connected with Twitter and Instagram so that posts are shared across platforms but will not be publishing a lot of original content. This is where people can find event information and connect with the community. 


****Ran out of time and just pasted this raw copy here

  • The brand for SEU

    • Do you stock me, is that why you get notification?

    • The new social media campaign is making the tone/voice younger and accessible for the people looking at it (audience = students). Not the stereotypical grammar and arrogance for the typical title.

    • It doesn’t matter who you are you can have a successful twitter, you can have funny and real

    • Accessible and fun voice. Get the writing student out there. Advertising the students who have been published. Marketing tool for current students

    • The main social medias:

      • Want a more accurate description of what we do want we have more stuff going on.

      • Interact with the alumni and city of austin as well because we are a creative group. All writing is creative and we live in the creative city. Engage with the whole city/ broadly the world.

      • Facebook

        • The facebook page must be re-invented

        • Make both of the group/ page wanted. Want everyone to engage and use both

      • Instagram

        • Visual posts on what’s going on

      • Twitter

      • Website, podcast and youtube coming up

    • Voice wise looking to do a different voice for each account. Facebook is more professional and the everything (Parent account)

    • Insta is more advertising (promotion)

    • Twitter is going to be the “we’re fun” vibe. (young/fun)

  • Partnership is engagement.

  • Consistent voice throughout

  • Starting completely over on the FB page

    • A little of everything. St Edwards geard

  • Twitter

    • Ridiculous and fun

    • Can be memes, jokes, etcs.

    • Snarky

    • Goat with glasses is the avatar for twitter.

    • seu_WRIT (there’s a few handles so that’s why we are whipping them out and starting over.)

  • Instagram

    • Funny pictures

    • Memes related to the Thing

  • Designs can be made though Canva

    • We could even look at the blog

  • March 5th is the event 10-1

    • Us tabling an event

    • Creative writing critique group (workshop outside of club)



  • Blog post ideas:

    • Integrate into the social media

    • Image and a tweet with everything

    • Everything as integrated as possible

    • Topics:

      • Difference between the STEM and Humanities majors

      • Career options (weekly feature)

      • The difference between Writing and English(Lit)  (WRIT vs ENGL)

      • “No I’m not going to Teah”....

      • anchoring to events/Calendar

        • Alumni @ homecoming

      • Someone wrote this

      • Community spotlight

        • Student/charity/service

      • List of rules to break

      • Weekly post as diary of WRIT student (Live tweet/live stream)

      • Write sentences of crazy wacky story and have others add onto the story by a sentence.

      • Twitter Novel Day (everyone tweets one sentence)

      • St. Eds mad libs

      • Round robin writing

      • Bilingual writing and what you can do with it

      • Poetry challenge/ captioning challenge

      • Grammar fails

      • Prompt of the week

      • “I can do that better”

      • Goal of the week for the writer

      • Writing majors still make mistakes

      • Dyslexia writing majors

      • Writing anxiety

      • English Language Learners

      • Interview people doing interesting things in the major

      • Alumni interviews

      • The interactive game studies major

      • Graphic design

      • Graphic design fails (kerning)

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