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Letter of transmittal


Letters (or emails) of transmittal are common in all types of business, including magazine writing. They are a convention for the purposes of courtesy and introducing documents. You will write them for most of your major assignments. We will discuss the contents in detail in class, but the following is a basic outline. 


  • Use a formal business-letter format using the "block format." Here are instructions. We will go over them in class.

  • Address the letter to me at SEU: Beth Eakman Re, St. Edward's University, Campus Mailbox #998, South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78704.

  • The salutation is Dear Beth.

  • Begin by stating your purpose: "I am pleased to present my X assignment." Tell me the topic and publication.

  • Body: In your analysis you will discuss your process and what you learned; In everything else you will discuss your process and add a defense of your rhetorical choices.

  • Close with something like "I look forward to hearing your feedback."


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