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Final Portfolio Assignment (Rev 2)

Instead of a paper portfolio, your final submission will be electronic

For your final portfolio, you will use to create a beautifully designed collection of the best work that you've done for this course. While I encourage you to be as creative as you'd like with your artwork, design, and content, it must contain the following elements. 


  1. Cover page with title

  2. Table of contents

  3. Letter from the Editor/Author (you)

  4. Section divider pages 

  5. Poems (2)

  6. Fiction

  7. Creative Non-fiction

  8. "About the author" with photo


Optional Elements

You may include any additional material that you'd like to include--art, photos, other creative pieces you've written in class or outside of class. You may include a piece of creative writing that you especially love and write about what you like about it and recommend that your audience read it. If you have any questions about something that you'd like to add, feel free to talk to me about it. 



Issuu is an online magazine publishing and hosting website. It is free and easy to use. Just create your document in Word, Google Docs, or whatever format you like, and upload the file. You cannot edit the file once it's on Issuu, but you can easily delete a version that you want to update and reload a new edit. Check out some of the samples to get ideas for how you'd like to design your own magazine. You can order paper copies from the website if you'd like to show off your work. 

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