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SEU offers plenty of campus events. A couple are required for Freshman Studies (FSTY) and others offer opportunities for campus involvement and FSTY 1302 Extra Credit (EC). See your course syllabus for an explantion of how to submit your extra credit. I will update this list throughout the semester, so check it regularly for updates. Note that any of the Marcia Kinsey Visiting Writers Series events will get you extra credit. The ones in the spring might for your other classes, too.

October Events


October 2: Carrie Fountain's book release party for Instant Winner. Mabee Ballroom, 7pm (EC)


October 8: Susannah Cahalan (author of Brain on Fire). Jones Auditorium, 7pm (FSTY)


October 15: Elizabeth McCracken, Carter Auditorium, 186 JBWS, 7:30pm (EC)




November Events


November 19: Hamlet, Mary Moody Northen Theater, 7:30pm curtain. (FSTY)


December Events


We only have one week of class in December, so we may not have any events, but keep checking in just in case.




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