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You will notice that there are days and entire weeks with no specified activities, assignments, or homework.  I have intentionally left these calendar slots blank to leave us room to respond to specific learning needs. Unless otherwise specified, class DOES meet on days that nothing is on the calendar

Week 1: Introduction

M: Introduction to the course. Please fill out the Interests Survey and bring a hard copy to class on Wednesday.

W: Ideal Day assignment.

F: Assignments: Start looking at graduate schools. Learn to use employment websites like,;;; and other local resources like the Austin American Statesman jobs site and HR sites for major employers in Austin like the universities and businesses like National Instruments, 3M, Dell, AMD, Facebook, Google, etc.


Week 2: Résumés and Cover Letters

M: Holiday: Class does not meet.

W: Lecture résumés and cover letters--wait! It looks like we are having a visit from Vicki Villalobos, who's in grad school for Information Science (previously known as library science) at the University of Washington. Stay tuned for updates.

F: Guest speaker Sam Farias, SEU ENGW grad and tech writer for National Instruments


Week 3: Résumés and Cover Letters

M: Lecture on job application materials.

W: Continued lecture on resumes and cover letters. Assignment: Résumés and cover letters. Here are some samples from SEU grads.


*********Guest speaker Caroline Morris*********** (Rescheduling).

Week 4: Resumes and Cover Letters continued

M: Cover letters

W: Cover letters

F: Guest lecturer: Heather Fasching, technical editor at Shell Oil's research division

Resumes and cover letters due for peer editing. Peer Editing Instructions: For resumes and cover letters, you will exchange your work electronically and use Track Changes, Google Docs, or another electronic document editing tool. Provide feedback on design, content, and consistency, and perform a careful copy-edit for surface errors.



Week 5: Grad School

M: Resumes and cover letters due. Lecture grad school essays. The template: Who I am, where I've been, where I'm going, why I choose you, and what I have to contribute (to the graduate program, our discipline, and the world)

W: Lecture grad school essays.

F: Guest lecturer: Caroline Morris will talk to us about graduate fellowships. Grad school essays due for peer review.



Week 6: Academic Papers


M: Class does not meet.

W: Grad school essays due*. Lecture academic papers

F: Academic papers due for peer review Assignment: Academic papers (*I will also take grad school essays on Friday because the calendar snafu was my fault.)


Week 7: Non-academic samples


M: Academic papers due. Lecture non-academic; assignment: non-academic papers

W: Workshop non-academic samples

F: Guest lecturer: Brooke Blanton will talk to us about her job as a social media writer.  Non-academic samples due: sign up for conferences


Week 8: Conferences

Updated March 2

M: Guest lecturer: Chris Bynoe will talk to us about his experience as a White House communications intern. Sign up for conferences.

W: Conferences

F: Conferences


Week 9:


W: Lecture writers’ autobiographies; revise ideal day assignments

F: Assignment: writers’ autobiographies

Note: If you have visual or page design work that you would like to include in your portfolio, we will discuss using ISSUU to embed documents with "flipping pages" function. Embedding is free very easy on Wordpress, but you'll want to start uploading your content as soon as possible. See my homepage for a sample of what these look like.


Week 10: Spring Break




Week 11: Writers’ Autobiographies

Read "The Middle of Things: Advice to Young Writers"

M: Writers' autobiographies due for peer review

W: In-class workshop on WordPress and seufolios sites. Writers' autobiographies due.

F: Guest Lecturer: Mary Helen Specht on MFAs and publishing her first novel; Sign up for conferences


Week 12: Conferences



F: Holiday, classes do not meet


Week 13: Portfolios
***Branding Documents***

Read about creating a strong brand identity and get ideas from these documents

M: Holiday, classes do not meet

W: Discuss branding based on your writers' autobiographies.

F: Workshop brand identity elements


Week 14: Editing
***Check out this great website by a freelance writer and editor, very distinct brand and tone.***


M: Make sure that you have at least three editing samples--peers' work that you have edited. Choose samples that demonstrate your versatility as an editor.

W: Writing reflections

F: Guest Lecturer


Week 15: Reflections
***awesome tool of the week:***

M: Continue work on reflections

W: Workshop websites

F: Guest Lecturer


Week 16: E-portfolio design workshop

M: This week we will put the finishing touches on the websites, testing usability, and checking to make sure that everything is complete.




Finals Week: There is no final for this class