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See SEU's academic calendar here. 



Week 1: Introduction



Read some great reviews here.

Jurassic World

Train Wreck

She's Funny that Way

Ultimate Painting

Ricki and the Flash

Mad Max: Fury Road

Gone Girl

Re-watch: Reality Bites

Devil's Third

Madden 16

The Walking Dead

Week 2: Beat proposal and letters of transmittals

Reading: Chs 1, 2, and 14

M: Beat proposals assigned; in-class research and workshop

W: How to write a letter of transmittal


Week 3: Report event, ledes, nutgrafs, and journalism basics

M: Beat proposal due; review journalism basics


Reading: Profiles

Chris Cornell in Rolling Stone

Elizabeth Moss in Rolling Stone

US Women's Soccer Star Tobin Heath in Outside

Rock Climber Chris Sharma in Outside

Aaron Rodgers in Sports Illustrated

Chris Rock in the New Yorker

Misty Copeland in the New Yorker

Richard Linklater in the New Yorker



Week 4: Interview/Profile 

Reading: Ch 12

M: Event stories due; finding your subject, immersive reporting, other sources, questions, and technology

W: Workshop profiles


Week 5: The Austin Scene

Reading: Ch 11 and 17

M: Profiles due; in-class research and mock editorial meetings

W: Pitch scene ideas to class (oral)

Reading: The Old Man at Burning Man


Week 6: 

Reading: Ch 7




Ten Best Films 2014

The 15 Dopest Rap Songs of 2015 So Far

Most Awkward High School Moments in Film

20 Videogames that Changed Absolutely Everything

Fashion Trends of 2014 that we Should Ditch in 2015

2014 Fashion Trends that Need to Die

Forget Banksy, Here are the World's 15 Best Street Artists

8 Great Podcasts for an Indoor Run



Week 7:

Reading: Ch 8 and 9



W: The Scene due

You know those "W Questions" I keep harping on? Those of you who haven't had lots of experience with Journalism will find this piece helpful. Scroll down the page to "Journalists' Questions." It will help you both understand the concepts and develop your assignments.


Week 8: Midterm Exam


M: Exam review: 

W: Midterm Exam


Week 9: Querying


Reading: Review pages 225-228

M: The scene assignment

W: Planning worksheet

Are Prequels Killing Movie Franchises?

Inside New York's Indie Festival Turf Battle

Meet the People who Want to Make it Safer to Take Drugs at Festivals

Inside the World's Biggest 'Magic: the Gathering" Tournament


Week 10: Features


Reading: Ch 6

Some essays by Hilton Als: Revenge of the Nerd, On Heath Ledger,




Week 11:


Reading: Chs 4, 5

Queries that Worked and How to Write a Lede for a Feature




Week 12: From reporting to evaluating; fact, inference, opinion


Reading: Ch 11

M: Features due; Evaluative writing assignment: the review



Pulitzer Prize Winners for Feature Writing


Scenes from California's Dust Bowl Series (2015)


Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek (2013)


Pearls Before Breakfast


13 Year Old Prodigy

Week 13: Thanksgiving


Reading: Ch 10

Week 14: Magazine Portfolios


M: Reviews due. Discuss portfolio assignment

W: Workshop portfolios


Week 15: Work on portfolios in class





Week 16: Finals
Portfolios due