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Assignment: Branding Package



For this assignment, you will create branding packages using yourself as the brand. Imagine yourself in business as a writer, editor, journalist, designer, or whatever your best-case-scenario career is. You will create your brand around this business. You will develop a brand

  • Mission

  • Story

  • Mood board

  • Brandmark (symbol, wordmark, tagline)

  • Visual Identity (color, image/photo, texture/material)

  • Typography (typeface, layout, editorial style)

  • Print materials

  • Placement Strategy


The print materials that you produce for your brand will include
  • Business Cards

  • Letterhead

  • Report Cover or Folder Design

  • Packaging (bags, boxes, wrappers, etc.)

  • Invoice

  • *At least one “extension” of your choice


*Extensions are products that extend your brand identity and can include
  • Signage

  • Interiors

  • Uniforms

  • Mugs/T-shirts/Waterbottles/etc. (giveaway loot)

  • Digital media

  • Product Packaging

  • Exhibits/Presentations

  • And just about anything else you can think of….


Required Reading


Chapter 8 in your textbook and the following from my website.


"The Brand Called You"


"Brand Identity System" (Infographic)


Sample Branding Package: Salted Ink


Sample Branding Package: Aeolidia


Sample Branding Package: Katie Pegher


"What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand"


"30 Unconventional Business Cards"


"How Colors Influence People: The Psychology of Color in Business Marketing"


"Brand Identity Package"


"What Makes a Good Logo Design?"


"How to Mix Fonts"

"All In Branding Package" (how you make money doing this)


Assignment Specifications

Due Date: 11/22


Grade weight: 10%


Submission: Canvas. Include LOT. If you are including the a physical production of your extension product, talk to me about presentation.

*Your mood board can be done on paper (presentation board) or on a collage-making site like Polyvore. For it to fit into your eventual book project you may photograph the board or we can discuss other options for making it work in your final book project.




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