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Book Contents Checklist

We've got a lot to do before we send our design books off to the printers. Here are a couple of lists to help you keep track of everything your books need to include. The first list includes both the main components (sections/chapters) and the organizational pieces. The second list names each component



  • Cover design with title

  • Interior title page

  • Introduction (sort of a brief letter of transmittal to readers)

  • Table of Contents

  • Section dividers (eg, Flyer Redesign, Branding Package, Poetry Broadside, etc.)*

  • Text to accompany each section or piece explaining your design choices**

  • Author's bio

  • Fly leaf pages (one blank page at both front and back of book)



  • Flyer Redesign with analysis/explanation**

  • Informational poster with analysis/explanation**

  • Sales Documents with analysis/explanation**

  • Branding Packages with analysis/explanation**

  • Color and type quotes with analysis/explanation**

  • Page Design Sample with analysis/explanation**

  • (Optional) Other Design Samples


**Each of your components should be accompanied by an explanation of your design choices in light of audience, purpose, and occasion. Please include rhetorical defenses of your uses of type, type pairings, color, alignment, composition/balance, etc., as well as an explanation of where and how your readers will encounter each item (physically) and how they are meant to be used. See your branding package assignment for topics that you'll want to cover. You may incorporate the text and design samples however you choose.




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