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Ideas for assignments

and concerns about privacy

Assignments for student-produced hard-copy and virtual publications can be integrated into almost any course curriculum. Students can work independently to create individual portfolios or other types of single-issue documents or work in teams for publications with multiple departments. Entire classrooms can collaborate to create full-length magazines or "Best Of"-style collections.


Here are some ideas. 


Reports on scientific research

Photographs of field work with captions and commentary

Processes and instructions

Documentation of lab work and experiments

Reports on original research

Case studies

End-of-course portfolios

Major courses portfolios

Design portfolios

Employment Interview portfolios

Marketing and PR Plans

Business Plans

Business Portfolios (Proposals, Formal Reports, Feasibility Studies, etc.)

Social Media Strategies

Social Media Stories (Storify, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Service Learning Reports


and about that whole privacy thing

Any time we ask students to share their work publicly, especially using platforms that are to whatever degree accessible, we have an obligation to help them understand privacy concerns., for example, offers the option to set document security so that only specific individuals have access. Most publishing platforms allow users to keep documents private. However, if students or professors do not feel confident in their ability to maintain individual privacy, there are always options. Online student publishers can use pseudonyms shared only with the class or professors can assign numbers.


The nature of academic writing and publishing, however, is that its purpose is to share information with the appropriate audience. Maintaining individual privacy while joining larger conversations and communities is an important topic and we do our students a service by discussing it with them. Online publishing as part of classroom assignments provides a relevant opportunity to begin that discussion.